UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit

27 - 29 September, 2016

Dubai, UAE
UAE Big Data & Analytics
27 - 29 September, 2016
Dubai, UAE

The drive towards data-driven innovation

Data is now a key driver of growth across every sector, industry and nation. It plays a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of innovative new services, and it can transform an economy into one that is thriving and largely data-driven.

Data is now a key driver of growth across every sector, industry and nation. It plays a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of innovative new services, and it can transform an economy into one that is thriving and largely data-driven.

Big Data Analytics and Data science are the pillars of innovation, exponential growth and the drive towards a sustainable, smart city. The UAE is now fully committed to the implementation of these pillars, and is now exploring the impact the vast number of technological options on the market could have on productivity and service capabilities - particularly in government.

For both government entities and private organisations throughout the UAE, the process has moved beyond the stage of simply acknowledging that Big Data is essential, and the UAE is the regional forerunner in that regard. The complexity now comes in the form of one simple question: How can we best utilise Big Data?

The power to harness data comes in the form of an effective utilisation strategy; one that encompasses a low cost, easy-to-implement Big Data infrastructure – featuring stability, accessibility and most of all, the base knowledge required to use data effectively.

The UAE Data Drive in Numbers

  • In 2015, the IT sector in the UAE grew by 8.8%, from Dh17.17bn to Dh18.68bn
  • Software sales grew from Dh3bn to Dh3.549bn in the same period
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce forecasts the IT industry compound growth to remain at around 8.5% until 2018
  • The UAE ranks at no. 4 of 148 nations in firm level technology absorption
  • 85% of households in the UAE own at least one personal computer
  • Hardware sales increased 2.3% from 2014 to 2015
  • IT companies saw earnings increase 13.8% in the same period
  • Spending on ICT products and services surpassed $270bn in 2015

Advisory Board

  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit - Dr Dirk Jungnickel  
    Dr Dirk Jungnickel
    Senior Vice President - Business Analytics
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit -  Jonathan Reichental  
    Jonathan Reichental
    Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    City of Palo Alto
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit -  Amy  Gaskins  
    Amy Gaskins
    Big Data Project Director
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit - Dr Satyam Priyadarshy  
    Dr Satyam Priyadarshy
    Chief Data Scientist
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit -  Juergen Urbanski  
    Juergen Urbanski
    Vice President Client Success
    Silicon Valley Data Science
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit -  Osama Elhassan  
    Osama Elhassan
    Head of the eHealth department
    Dubai Health Authority
  • UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit - Dr Mouwafac Sidaoui  
    Dr Mouwafac Sidaoui
    Associate Professor and Chair - Department of Business Analytics and Information Systems
    University of San Francisco

Big Data Value Enhancement

Big Data utilisation enhances service provision and the customer experience provided by organisations across the globe. Correct implementation of an effective Big Data strategy will result in the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and quality
  • Customer trend analysis
  • Customer dialogue
  • Improved and faster decision making processes
  • New revenue streams (products & services)
  • Performance risk analysis
  • Prescriptive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Data security

The key for organisations within the UAE and the region as we head into the Big Data era, is to understand the answers to the following key questions in order to maximise the benefits listed above:

  • Does Data Science create wealth within your industry?
  • Do Big Data analytics only assist large corporations, or are they also of value to small and medium-sized enterprises?
  • What is the impact of Big Data analytics on a nation’s or organisation’s financial growth prospects?
  • Does Big Data really add value to a company’s bottom line?
  • What key components must you have in place before embarking upon a Big Data project?
  • How can you measure the ROI of Big Data?
  • How do you identify your Big Data business objectives and ensure you have a team capable of delivering?
  • What aspects of Big Data can you access and leverage on now?
  • What are the latest tools and techniques utilisable in the Big Data industry?
  • How can you drive the top-line revenue impact on your business?

The answers to these questions and more will be provided to delegates and attendees of the UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016.

The summit will also focus on specific sectors, as the way in which Big Data can impact growth varies across industries.


Why you should attend

You will:

  • Understand how your business can use Big Data to drive business growth and profit
  • Discover how data analytics will change the way you make your products, market your services or engage with your customers
  • Learn from the success of early Big Data adopters in the region and abroad
  • Find out how prescriptive and predictive analytics is changing the way companies operate and maintain their assets
  • Understand how data science creates added value for major oil and gas companies, airlines, banks & government agencies
  • Get inside tips from the best in the business on how to keep your customers engaged and loyal

Event highlights

  • Important use cases on Big Data implementation from key government entities
  • Dedicated steams for each industry sector
  • Big Data innovation concepts from different industry verticals
  • Regional case studies of Big Data success
  • Industry reviews on open source technology, software, tools and techniques

The Peer Review Big Data & Analytics Summit is the only platform in the region for exchanging industry ideas, knowledge sharing and making vital industry contacts that can benefit your business as you navigate the route to success through data!

Who will attend

Attendees of the UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit will include:

  • Undersecretaries, Directors-General, C-level Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers
  • Vice-Presidents, Deputy Directors
  • Heads of Smart Government & Smart Cities
  • CIOs, CTOs
  • Heads of IT & ICT
  • ICT Advisors
  • Heads of Strategy & Planning
  • Data Scientists & Intelligence Specialists
  • Heads of DATA
  • Heads of Analytics
  • Heads of Business Intelligence
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Heads of Customer Insights
  • Heads of Product Development
  • Heads of Finance
  • Heads of Operations
  • Database architects
  • Software developers
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Database developers
  • Database analysts
  • Software development managers
  • Data engineers
  • Database managers
  • Data miners
  • Database applications managers
  • Software engineers
  • Database administrators
  • Software architects
  • Business intelligence experts
  • Data warehouse managers
  • Business intelligence systems managers

Sectors Represented

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Government Agencies
  • Manufacturing

Peer Review

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UAE Big Data & Analytics Summit

Dubai, UAE
27-29 September 2016
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